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Blue roses fridge wrap decal

TenStickers. Blue roses fridge wrap decal. Decorative vinyl fridge wrap sticker with the design of blue roses. Buy it in any size that matches the size of your fridge surface.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)

The units entered in the size field are in cm.

Minimum Size 3 cm x 3 cm.


In these measurements, the sticker is going to be sent in several pieces.

You sure want to buy this beautiful and colorful design of fridge wrap sticker of blue roses to beautify it surface. We sell the best quality vinyl with resistance to bubble , so you have no fear with how the design will turn out in future. A long lasting fridge decal that is customisable to fit into any size dimension. It can be applied using a spatula which can be added as the product is purchased on the field provided. Clean it with water and soft cloth when it gets dirty any time and it will always remain in it original look.

Information about Blue roses fridge wrap decal

Reference: A18836


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