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Black vinyl rugs

We've all been told that black goes with everything, and we couldn't agree more. Our black vinyl rugs are the finishing touch you've been looking for! The best option for any room in your home. Why not take a look and elevate your homes look today!

The colour black is known to represent strength, elegance and sophistication, which we believe are perfect elements to have in your home. These black vinyl mats are perfect for anyone, with the designs ranging from animal prints to kitchen appliances. No matter what your taste, or which room you want to do up, we have a stunning elegant vinyl carpet in black just for you! Have a browse through this awesome collection are choose your perfect rug.

Black is the new black when it comes to these rugs!

Aside from how stunning these rugs actually are, our black vinyl carpets offer a whole host of benefits, such as adding warmth and depth to any room and protection from and spills, stains or scratches that we all know can be left behind in a busy household. These mats will really revolutionise your day to day lives and create such a homely sensation, you won’t be able to go back to living life without them!

Our pvc black vinyl rugs are very easy to clean, just simply wipe with a damp cloth, no more hoovering will be necessary! Our vinyl rugs in black are also perfect for any busy household as they are child friendly and pet friendly. So, no need to worry about tears, creases or wrinkles as we ensure our stickers are resistant to problems like this due to their high-quality. They are also hypoallergenic, meaning that they are really perfect for anyone. What’s even better is the simplicity of their application, no need to stress about how you will apply it because we guarantee that anyone can do it, however if you were worried, your rug does come with instructions.

In this collection you will also find customisable black vinyl flooring so that you can make your home even more personalised to you and your taste. This great addition allows you to put any name you wish on this rug. You will also find that with our custom measure tool where you can select the perfect size for your rug, so that it will fit right in!

Do not hesitate! Purchase your black vinyl mat now, and feel the benefits for yourself, we are certain you will not regret it.

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