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Dragonfly Insect Wall Sticker

TenStickers. Dragonfly Insect Wall Sticker. Decorate your home with this superb insect sticker, depicting the Dragonfly in all of its might and glory! Personalised stickers.

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How can you not love the dragonfly? It does no one any harm and generally looks absolutely fantastic as it flies through the air - Besides, it´s the closest thing we will get to a dragon in this life! All the more reason for our talented team of designers to transform it into a fantastic insect decal, which would look great anywhere in your home! Perfect insect decor if you wish to add something that will set tongues wagging!

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Overall rating: 10 / 10

the 24/02/2020 at 07:08 h

I really love the stickers ordered. Five gorgeous realistic dragonflies are flitting around in a corner of my bathroom now. I keep going in there and looking at them, also dragging my friends in to check them out. On an aside, shortly after ordering, I received an email telling me that my postage was short by $1.00 and I wouldn’t get my stickers if I didn’t pay up. I ignored this and my package arrived later on. Not a good look guys.


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