Jack Russel Personalised Sticker

TenStickers. Jack Russel animal wall sticker. Show the world how much you love your Jack Russel with this personalised Jack Russell wall decal. Choose from over 50 different colours!

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Show the world how much you love your Jack Russel with this cartoon sleepy Jack Rusell wall decal. Jack Russels are an incredibly energetic breed of dogs as they were originally bred for fox hunting. So celebrate all the times that they’re asleep with this cute customisable Jack Russell wall sticker. Let all your guests know of the little bundle of joy that lives in your home as well as its name. Choose from a range of over 50 colours to suit your needs as well as a range of sizes. All of our fantastic quality wall vinyls are super easy to apply with no bubbles, and just as easily removed with no marks or damage to the walls.


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Reference: A15758

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