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Memphis style wall mural decal

TenStickers. Memphis style wall mural decal. Decorative wall mural sticker design of bright coloured geometric and abstract patterns in Memphis style suitable for bedroom space.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
Colorful Memphis style wall mural decal created in amazing multicolored repetitive patterns and geometric shapes in it brightest form. The design is suitable for kids because they love colours and patterns that display bright colours in it best. On the wall mural sticker are red, yellow, blue black and pastel pink and other touch of colours in faint appearance. This colorful combination with it abstract pattern makes it suitable for any kid space to enjoy the surface , learn and understand colour difference with it. The application is very easy and simple, all you have to do is use the application kid properly to apply it.

Information about Memphis style wall mural decal

Reference: A17123


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